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Charoite Sphere

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Charoite is known as a soul stone that can provide strong physical and emotional healing. It’s a powerful stone that will remind you to live in the now. Life is very fleeting, and this stone’s energies will remind you to make as many unforgettable moments as you can.

Charoite is also a stone of insight. It will teach you many lessons about life and love, as well as yourself and your relationships, both professional and personal.

This stone will provide healing in your body, heart, mind, and spirit. It will help remove the negativity from your life and give you protection from negativity.

Charoite can also help you overcome obsessive compulsive behaviors. It will help you strike balance and keep you in check when you feel like you’re slipping again.

It can help you release your fears and face the consequences of your actions with grace and courage. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but your charoite companion stone will see to it that you’re okay. It will guide you until you can stand again on your own two feet.

The charoite stone is usually violet, lilac, or lavender in color, and it will vary in shades of dark to light violet. There will also be traces of black, white, and grey. The swirling patterns of purple and other colors also make it one of the most unique!

Charoite is a rare silicate mineral, also called lilac stone and Charoite Jade. it was first discovered in the Sakha Republic, Russia, along the Chara River. Charoite forms from limestone due to the process of contact metamorphism.