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Tourmalined Quartz

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Tourmalined Quartz

Tourmalined Quartz, also known as Tourmalates Quartz, is a unique mineral containing black tourmalined needles included within a quartz structure. The Quartz can be in a variety of forms such as points, masses, and druzes. The first recorded specimens are believed to have come from Brazil in the mid to late 1900’s. Majority of this mineral still comes from this South American country. Some deposits have been found throughout the United States.

Tourmalined Quartz brings the higher energies of enlightenment and understanding of the physical realm around you. The Tourmaline within the Quartz helps activate and open your root chakra. That way, the body and mind connects easily to Mother Earth. One can rejuvenate their physical body (enhancing their Chi), while also removing negative thoughts or ideas within the mind. The Quartz enhances this effect and can instantly elevate one’s consciousness and mental understanding of the world.

Quartz enables spiritual growth and healing, while Tourmaline protects, grounds, and centers us.

This crystal works with all Zodiacs and all Chakras.