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Moon Cycle & Journal Free Download

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Our 2023 Moon calendar and journal bundle makes planning your ceremonies, rituals and moon journaling a breeze.

This Moon Calendar and Journal Bundle is the perfect way to ensure you don’t miss any important lunar events. Journal your innermost thoughts and feelings on both full and new moons, or plan ceremonies ahead of time with this year-long calendar.

The Bundle includes:

*1 sheet description of the Moon.

*1 Moon phase calendar poster with eclipses, blue moon, and supermoons.

* 5 Moon Guide Sheets with information on all moon phases.

*1 Eclipse guide sheet.

*1 Blue Moon guide sheet.

*1 Super Moon Guide sheet.

*1 Menstrual guide sheet. 

* 1 Moon Phase Calendar with all lunar phases for 2023 which you can track your cycle on. 

* 24 Journaling Sheets with journal prompts for all new and full moons of 2023.

Put in a binder or folder or even staple sheets together. Remember to keep the poster somewhere visible so you can keep an eye on all moon phases throughout the year!

*** This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD that you must either download or print, not a physical item***

Once purchased, You will receive an e-mail with a link to your digital download. 

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