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Sodalite Tower

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Sodalite Unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception. It brings information down from the higher level down to the physical level.
*Stimulates pineal gland and third eye.
*Helps focus and deepen meditation.
*Helps you stay true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs.
*Clears electromagnetic pollution.
*Helps with insomnia.
*Brings harmony and solidarity of purpose.
*Stimulates trust and companionship, great for group work.
*Eliminates mental confusion and intellectual bondage.
*Helps release old mental conditioning and old mental mindsets.
*Brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks.
*Enhances self esteem, self acceptance, and self trust.
*Brings shadow qualities to the surface without judgement.
*Helps balance metabolism, calcium deficiencies, cleanses the lymphatic system, and boosts the immune system.
*Combats radiation damage.
*Cools fevers and lower blood pressure.

Towers are great for the center in crystal grids, room Feng Sui.
The energy of a tower is directed upward and out. they emit a very focus and directional energy that affects the area around them.

** Note** Does not replace professional or medical help.

Approximate height: 3 1/8 in.