Cleansing Tools

Cleansing Tools


What are Cleansing tools and how do you use them?

Lets start with energy. According to scientific quantum theory, energy can neither be created or eradicated, it can only be transformed. We are going to dive a little bit into science in the next two paragraphs. Bare with me, it will make sense later on.

Everything in the Universe is made up of matter and energy. Matter is anything that has mass and occupies space. Matter describes the physical things around us, like the earth, the air you breathe, your pet or your car. Matter is made up of particles called atoms and molecules that vibrate. There are four types of matter: solid, liquid, gas and plasma.

Energy is the ability to cause change or do work. Some forms of energy include light, heat, chemical, nuclear, electrical energy and mechanical energy. There are two main types of energy: potential and kinetic. A sound wave is a form of mechanical energy. Sound energy is the energy released by an object's vibrations. For example  playing an instrument.

Energy cleansing or clearing is often thought of as a method that eradicates energy. However, we just learned energy can only be transformed. Therefore, the term "energy cleansing" or "energy clearing" are a misnomer. I just wanted to get that misconception out the way.

Remember, the scientific paragraphs, well now they will come in handy. Crystals, sage, herbal incense, well tuned musical instruments, these all have various frequencies. They tend to have a more stable energy frequency. We humans, our energies can get a "little complicated" with our vast spectrum of emotions.

Our body has an energetic field and guess what? That energetic field is everyday in our bedroom, home, car, workplace or school, basically, any environment we are in frequently. What ever energy we emit can saturate our living space. By using these tools as our allies with our will and intentions, we can transform the state and quality of the energy.

Some will argue that there are wrong or right ways going about these practices. From my personal experience over the years, it's important to have an understanding of your tools. That alone shows energetic respect. As long as you have respect and the willingness to learn, by all means cultivate the practice that works for you.

Now lets finally get into the various tools.

The most popular is dried white sage. The practice is called smudging. There is scientific proof that the smoke from sage helps realign and balance the ions in the air. This explains why most people feel a sense of calm after. Another popular option is Palo Santo wood. It is burned similar to sage and the smoke is used to transform the energy field of the person or space. Many herbs can be used in this manner such as rosemary, lavender, rose, sweetgrass and more. Each herb will carry a different vibration. Incense is very popular and has been used for centuries just like white sage and palo santo.

For many however, having a smokey smell may not be very practical. Sounds, crystals, essential oils, and smudge sprays are smokeless options. Playing a sound bowl or tuning forks that are set to a specific frequency does wonders. However, playing music that makes you feel good will work as well, the point is raise the frequency.

Smudge sprays are a newer method. These include a sprayer bottle with water infused with dried herbs, essential oils, and or crystals. You may use it over your aura, as well as your space. Using a oil diffuser with essential oils have to same benefits.

Last but not least, crystals. It's like it's a new rave. I believe at this point everyone knows somebody that loves crystals. Most crystals including the famous quartz have a crystalline lattice. A very precise manner how the atoms and molecules are arranged. They are very stable unlike our ever fluctuating emotions. They also have an energy field. By keeping them in your space or wearing them as jewelry pieces, their energy field infuses with yours. They can help create very positive outcomes by incorporating them in your life.

I hope this read has helped you understand the concept of "energy cleansing". When your own form of practiced is incorporated into your daily life, it can have a very beneficial outcome.