How to Make the Most of the Super Moon in Aquarius and What is Lammas.

How to Make the Most of the Super Moon in Aquarius and What is Lammas.

The Full Moon in Aquarius falls on August 1, 2023 and is also known as the Sturgeon Moon. In North America, the Sturgeon Moon is associated with the Great Lakes region. August full moon was named after the noble Sturgeon fish, whose presence was a symbol of abundance and harvest. As the moon rose in the sky, its shimmering light reflected upon the lakes, illuminating the graceful dance of the sturgeon beneath the surface.This full moon will be a supermoon, making it appear larger and more luminous in the sky.
This will also be the festival of Lammas or Lughnasadh. Lammas is a celebration of the first harvest leading into Autumn. The full moon in Aquarius and the festival of Lammas both encourage gratitude for the abundance of nature and its gifts.
What is this Full moon about?
On August 1st, we are experiencing a super full moon in Aquarius. The Full Moon is a time of culmination, fulfillment, and release. It's a moment to witness the blossoming of seeds planted during the New Moon.
As the Sun in Leo adds its fiery and expressive, confident, energy to the mix, we can expect a celestial display that ignites our passion and inspires us to embrace our creative essence.

Aquarius, the captivating air sign, steps forward with its unique essence of innovation, individuality, and humanitarian ideals. During this Full Moon, it invites us to explore the uncharted territories of our imagination and to express our authentic selves fearlessly. 
This tango of the Sun and the Moons' energies combined will highlight areas in our lives to step in fully and authentically. The Moon will be a supermoon on the 1st, meaning it is closer to earth. This has a high potential for emotions to run high. Be gentle with yourself and really notice what is it that you are needing.
The inner-child and inner-warrior are both highlighted with these placements. How has your deepest inner needs been suppressed and how are you being called to show up and shine for the greater good of humanity? 
3. Explore Your Story: Aquarius encourages us to think outside the box and explore alternative perspectives. Embrace this energy by seeking out new knowledge, ideas, and perspectives. Engage in
Amidst this cosmic dance, Venus has gracefully enter the realm of retrograde since late July, inviting us to embark on an introspective journey. This period gifts us the opportunity to reflect upon and re-evaluate our relationships, values, and approach to love and finances. This can bring up opportunities to re-examine areas in our relationships and finances that are coming up to the surface for healing and growth. This can be a very triggering time for some and both sides may be experiencing difficulties communicating. However, this allows for better and more aligned experiences to come. Again, be gentle with yourself and be careful with the words you chose to express yourself.

As the Full Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo intertwine with the energy of Venus in retrograde, we are reminded of the importance of finding alignment and balance. These placements encourages us to express our creativity, to embrace our individuality, and to honor our connection with loved ones and to the collective. We are called to reevaluate our values and priorities in relationships and finances, aligning them with the greater good.

What you can do

1. Reflect on Relationships: Take the opportunity to reflect on your relationships, both romantic and platonic. Consider how your connections align with your values and ideals. Use this period to have honest conversations and make any necessary adjustments for greater harmony and balance.
2. Review Your Finances: With Venus in retrograde, it's a perfect time to review your financial situation. Reflect on your spending habits and saving goals. Consider if there are any adjustments or changes that need to be made to create greater stability and abundance in your financial realm.
3. Explore Your Story: Aquarius encouraged us to live life as our true authentic self, while Leo supports us with strength and confidence to face what needs to change, in order to be who we really are. Quite often we grew up with stories about who we are expected to be and how we are expected to show up. We are being pushed forward to see if those stories we grew up believing hold true to how we feel presently.

  1. What old stories are you still living by that is not encompassing your entirety?
  2. In what ways did you have to hide parts of yourself, of your divine expression in order to fell accepted and safe? 
  3. If you could go back to that time, what would you tell your younger or child self? (Sometimes having a picture of you as a child can help dive into these memories.)
  4. Which parts of you are you still holding back because of fear and old stories? Is it that you love to sing, you love create, you love working with children, you really want your own business, you really need support in caring for a loved one, you are really tired of this relationship... what ever it is, really give it some thought and explore the possibilities, not the "what ifs."
  5. How are you being called to authentically step forward in your souls' mission to support not only yourself but also your community and the greater collective?
  6. What old experiences or wounds within yourself or your relationships (past or present), are being brought up to re-evaluate and heal? This can go for both you and, partner, friend, coworker.
What is Lughnasadh or Lammas?
Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas, is an ancient Celtic festival traditionally held on August 1st or 2nd.
Historically, Lammas marked the first harvest of the year, particularly the wheat harvest, and was a time to express gratitude for the abundance of the land. The name "Lammas" itself is derived from the Old English term "hlafmæsse," which means "loaf mass" and symbolizes the offering of newly baked bread made from the first harvested grain.
Lughnasadh, the Celtic counterpart of Lammas, celebrates the Celtic god Lugh, who is associated with craftsmanship and skill in battle. This festival is a moment to honor not only the harvest deities but also the agricultural cycle of life, growth, and renewal. It acknowledges the interconnectedness between humans and nature, recognizing our dependency on the Earth and its seasonal rhythms.

The rituals and traditions of Lammas often involve the creation of corn dollies or wheat weaving, symbolizing the grain harvest, and the baking of bread made from the freshly harvested crops. Lammas is also a time for community gatherings, feasting, and sharing the bounties of the harvest with others.
3 Things you can do of this Holy Day
1. Create a Harvest Altar: Set up a special altar in your home or garden to honor the harvest season. Decorate it with fruits, vegetables, grains, crystals, and flowers. Light candles and offer gratitude for the abundance in your life.
2. Bake Bread: Bread is a symbol of the harvest and sustenance. Take the time to bake your own bread using traditional recipes or try something new. As you knead the dough, infuse it with your intentions and gratitude for the blessings in your life.
3. Connect with Nature: Spend time outdoors and connect with the natural world. Take a walk in a park, visit a local farm, or simply sit under the August full moon. Observe the beauty around you and reflect on the cycles of nature.
Embrace this enchanting period as an opportunity to realign with your true self, to chart a course towards greater harmony, and to dance under the guidance of your true essence. May the Full Moon in Aquarius illuminate your path and inspire your journey and may the celebration of Lammas reminds you of the abundance in your life with a grateful heart and open mind.
Love, Monica