New Moon & The Summer Solstice

New Moon & The Summer Solstice

New Moon and Solstice blessings Light Bearers!  As we approach the new moon in Gemini on June 18th and the summer solstice on June 21st, we are presented with a powerful opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation. These two events symbolize abundance, growth, new beginnings, and fresh starts. By embracing the spiritual significance of these portals, we can set intentions for the future and manifest abundance,growth, and our hearts desires in our lives.

Gemini is associated with communication and change, making it a good time to focus on improving communication skills and embracing change in our lives. The energy of the summer solstice can also help to amplify these intentions and bring them to fruition. Therefore, you can use this time to work towards our spiritual and earthly goals and achieve greater fulfillment and happiness.

The word "solstice" comes from the latin word "solstitum" from sol, meaning "sun" and stitium, meaning "still" or "stopped".This is the time when our great sun appears to dance in the sky at the northernmost point a little longer. The solstice is one of the earliest astronomical observations made by humans.
In ancient times, many civilizations had ceremonial practices to celebrate the summer solstice as well as monuments built to align with the rising and or setting of the sun during the solstice. For example, the BIghorn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming. Stonehenge in England is believed to have been used for ceremonies and rituals during the solstice. The ancient Chinese celebrated the summer solstice with a festival called "Duanwu," or "Dragon Boat Festival," which included dragon boat races, feasting, and offerings to ancestors and the gods. These ancient traditions connect us to our cultural heritage and the natural world.
There are many practices that you can do to honor these cosmic alignments of the summer solstice and new moon. Here are some ways you can honor and work with this window of opportunity.
Sun Gazing
In the early morning hours of the sun rising or the late evenings of the sun setting, take a couple minutes to gaze at the sun with slightly squinted eyes. This allows you take in the beauty of the sun, set your circadian rhythm and get some vitamin D.
With the upcoming new moon, this is a great time to reflect on the past month, season or 6 months and set goals for the upcoming month, season (Fall Equinox) or the future 6 months to the winter solstice.
Set Your Altar
Clearing, cleansing and setting your altar for each season is one of the ways to honor the natural shifts of the seasons. Common items are flowers and herbs, crystals, candles, feathers, seashells, and food. 
Home Cleansing
Cleansing or clearing your space is beneficial right before the new moon. Physically cleanse and organize your space followed by an energetic cleanse to invite in the positive frequencies..
For this you can use herbs like our Cleansing Ritual Sticks, cleansing sprays or sound.
Ritual Bath or Shower
A ritual bath or shower is a powerful way to connect with the energy of the new moon and set intentions for the lunar cycle or season ahead. Here is a simple ritual bath that you can do for the new moon. Set your space for this ritual with any of the following: Candles, incense, an essential oil blend, crystals, music, bath salts, the soap and haircare products you will be using and keep a journal and pen close by.
Make Sun or Moon Tea
Making Tea with the sun is a wonderful practice. Start with choosing your herbs or tea blend with intention, we have a selection of teas to choose from including our New Moon Tea. With your Herbs in a tea strainer, place them in cup or jar of clean drinking water and set out in the sun for 3 to 4 hours. I suggest you do this around the hottest time of the day for best infusion. For Moon Tea, Heat your water, add your herbs and set it by a window or with a cover outside to soak up the moon energy. After infusion, bring your original intention to mind and whisper it over your tea. Breathe then sip.
Gratitude and Journaling
Gratitude journaling is a powerful practice that can help you cultivate a positive mindset, increase your sense of well-being, and deepen your connection to your beautiful light. here are some journal prompts.
New Moon in Gemini:
☾ I am grateful for the power of communication because...
☾ I am grateful for my ability to adapt to change because...
☾ I am grateful for the people in my life who challenge me to grow because...
☾ I am grateful for the new opportunities that are coming into my life because...
☾ I am grateful for my curiosity and willingness to learn because...

Summer Solstice:
✹I am grateful for the abundance of light and warmth in my life because...
✹I am grateful for the growth and expansion that I am experiencing because...
✹I am grateful for the beauty and richness of nature because...
✹I am grateful for the opportunities to connect with others and build community because...
✹I am grateful for the abundance of joy and celebration in my life because...
Crystal Grid
Creating a crystal grid is a beautiful way to honor this beautiful energy. Here is a simple crystal grid that you can create to harness the energy of these celestial events:
Set your space, intention and choose your crystals. For the new moon in Gemini, you may want to choose crystals that enhance communication, adaptability, and learning. Some good choices might include clear quartz, tiger's eye, amazonite, citrine, and fluorite. For the summer solstice, you may want to choose crystals that enhance abundance, growth, and joy. Some good choices might include green aventurine, citrine, clear quartz and carnelian.
Next is the cleanse your crystals, set them in a pattern and activate your grid.

In conclusion, the summer solstice and new moon in Gemini offer a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation. By embracing the natural flow of these portals and using various practices, you can work towards your goals and manifest abundance and growth in your life.  Honor these ancient traditions and connect with the energy of the natural world to achieve greater fulfillment and happiness.