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Amazonite Tower

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Amazonite has a powerful filtering action.

*It blocks geopathic stress.
*Absorbs emanations from microwaves and cellphones.
*Protects against electromagnetic pollution.
Apply amazonite between you and the source of pollution.

*Calms brain and nervous system.
*Aligns Physical body with the etheric body.
*Balances Feminine and Masculine energies.
*Balances personality aspects.
*Expands awareness and perspectives of a situation.

*Soothes emotional trauma.
*Alleviate worry and fear.
*Dispels negative energy and aggravation.

*Assist in manifesting universal love.
*An elixir is beneficial to all levels of consciousness.

*Heals and opens heart and throat chakra.
*Opens third eye and intuition.
*Enhance loving communication.
*Dissipates negative energy and blockages in the nervous system.
*An elixir rectifies calcium and calcium related problems like osteoporosis, tooth decay.

Towers are great for the center in crystal grids, room Feng Sui.
The energy of a tower is directed upward and out. they emit a very focus and directional energy that affects the area around them.

**Note** Do not submerge amazonite in water to drink. Contains led deposit. Make elixirs so that the liquid is not in direct contain with mineral. Does not replace professional or medical help.

Approximate height: 3 5/8 in