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Carribean Calcite Generators

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Caribbean Calcite is known as the "Stone of Calm." It is an healing crystal with soothing energies that will calm anxieties and bring liberation to tension. This crystal provides inner awareness on the ways to best navigate to one's highest vibrational life. It's energy feels soothing, like a cool breeze on a perfect day with bright blue skies.

Caribbean Calcite is a mix of two tranquil crystals, Blue Calcite and Aragonite. Many confuse this crystal with Larimar for its soft blue hue and sweet energy. It can stimulate your mind, while also stabilizing your thoughts and emotions. Caribbean Calcite helps to manifest love and compassion. It can also help to clear any thoughts that may be inhibiting you from accessing your higher self. Caribbean Calcite connects you to your Crown and Third Eye Chakras. It activates your mind and your intuition, connecting you to your inner truth. It brings guidance and focus. It can release energy blockages and aid in elevating your consciousness.

Zodiac: Cancer

Large: 3 inches tall

Small: 2 .5 inches tall (almost 2.5 in)