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Healing Crystal Candle

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Healing Candle helps you set and embrace intentions of healing. Whether you are seeking to heal from past wounds, restore your energy, or promote positive vibrations, our Intention Healing Candle is here to support and accompany you on your healing journey.

Let the healing energy of this candle envelop you with tranquil notes of cactus rose, desert brush, balanced with dew kissed cyclamen and melon. Allow its flickering light to guide you towards inner peace, balance, and rejuvenation.

Crystals: Rhodonite, Amzonite, Rose Quartz

Scent Profile 

Top: Ozone, Watery Notes, Honeydew Melon

Middle: Cactus Rose, Greens, Cyclamen 

Base: Dry Patchouli, Desert Sands, Driftwood


Coconut Soy Wax- 9 oz

Burning instructions

*Place in a fireproof area. Trim wick to 1/4 inch

*Remove large crystals and place them right next to the candle before burning, (sometimes the flame turns the crystals black) . Small crystals are fine in the candle.

*Take a deep breath and think of the intention for burning this candle.

*When you are ready, light the candle. 

*Burn the first burn until the wax is melted to the edge of the jar.

*Do not burn more than 4 hours each burn.


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