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Agate Coffins

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Agate is a form of microcrystalline quartz. It is considered a semi-precious stone. The concentric layers of the mineralization results in the banded layers of the quartz. This semiprecious stone occurs in multiple colors, from yellow, brown, pink, white, black, and gray.

Gray Agate has a very calm, gentle and steady presence, which encourages us to be more conscious of our thoughts and feelings and their effect on our long-term well being.

It stabilizes the aura and balances our yin and yang energies. It helps us to walk through “the real world” with greater ease, neither giving in to despair nor sheltering ourselves from painful realities. This wonderful crystal raises the collective consciousness, starting with ourselves. It’s also a great tool for remembering past lives and prenatal memories. It helps to dissolve inner tension and turmoil. Agate helps us to calmly make good decisions that will best support our Highest Good and the Highest Good of those around us. Gray Agate releases the anger, fear, and bitterness that has gotten trapped in our heart and helps us to better understand the complexity of human emotions and responses. It specifically helps us to correctly identify the forces that are causing the most discomfort in our lives and to find practical solutions for them. It counsels patience too, reminding us that healing and progress sometimes takes considerable time and effort. Gray Agate inspires feelings of emotional safety and security. It is also a fantastic stone for increasing emotional intelligence and maturity.

Gray Agate encourages analytical thinking and a love of truth. It helps us to see what is truly real, rather than forcing facts to conform to our expectations and desires.

It aids in mental concentration and encourages us to stay calm even under pressure. Gray Agate encourages quiet contemplation and a willingness to continually refine our beliefs based on new knowledge and experiences.

Gray agate connects to the root chakra.