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Trapiche Amethyst Pendant

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Trapiche Amethyst is said to enhance brain activity, increase concentration, and energize the person that wears it. Trapiche amethyst is also said to enhance psychic abilities and is excellent for channeling energy during meditation.


The Trapiche Amethyst comes from the Costa Marques Mine, which is a family owned mine since 2016. It's a rare formation of Amethyst pattern.

This kind of Amethyst has beautiful hexagonal patterns, as well as "record keepers". Trapiches are minerals that form with a radiating star of inclusions between growth sectors. Some form with a core or hub with spokes radiating outward from the core, while others form spokes from the center of the gem.

Only minerals with a highly symmetric crystal habit are known to form the “spokes” or “arms” that define a trapiche gem. Additionally, all true trapiche gems contain organic matter that are thousands if not millions of years old!

These gems have a unique vibrant red, light purple to deep purple color spectrum.

Operations in the mine only happens 5 months in the year, during the dry season. The family owned company also have a reforestation projects near the mine.

Each piece is unique and varies in shape and size. Comes with an adjustable leather cord.