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Septarian Sphere

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Septarian is also referred to as Dragon Stone, is a tri color concretion of Aragonite (the brown), Calcite, (the yellow), and Limestone (the grey). The name comes from the word “Septaria”, which usually refers to any concretion with internal cavities or cracks. This unique mineral was formed around 50 to 70 million years ago! Septarian is more than ancient! That's a serious piece of Earth's history, or should I say her-story.

Septarian is a powerful grounding stone that awakens one’s connection to Mother Earth and the nurturing energy she provides. This stone will help activate the root chakra as well as the vital life force energy being channeled throughout your body. An “inner awakening” may happen when connecting with this stone, driving drastic change and new habits to replace ones old daily habits. Septarian is a perfect tool for anyone going through some sort of drastic change in their life and can help to repair the emotional body. Carrying this stone daily will provide a protective shield around ones aura that will help one slowly heal from the inside out. It may be a long process, but when working to new patterns and raising the vibration, a slower, more gentle and soothing process is best in order to fully repair the emotional body and push through any lingering trauma.

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Septarian is also a good tool to help one tap into past life energy and memories. Meditating with this stone over your third eye repeatedly can help produce visions of one’s previous life experience, as well as bring more understanding to your current life. It will also enhance dreams and provide a vividness to the experience. Placing this stone by your night stand or within your pillowcase will help with this.

**Note** Not meant to replace medical or professional help.

Size: 2 1/4 inches approximately.
Weight: 268 grams