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Strawberry Quartz Sphere

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Strawberry Quartz embodies a powerful love vibration but it does much more to benefit your life. It has a strong energy to stimulate a flow of happiness and joy.

It is supportive during life changes, and may also aid you if you are experiencing feelings of stress, depression or worry. Strawberry quartz energy is beneficial to settle your emotions and give comfort to you.

Although its energy is powerful at the heart and higher heart chakras, it resonates strongly within all chakras. This includes at the crown chakra, where it creates an impressive connection.
The vibration of this crystal helps to balance the etheric linkage between the various levels of the auric field and balances the connection to the physical body.

Through its action to balance and energize both the etheric heart and higher heart chakra, this may have a profound flow like effect in day to day life.

The heart chakra area is where deep love and compassion for others emanates from, these lovely crystals have a powerful energy to restore the stream of loving energy within your life.

If you allow it, the energy of these beautiful deep pink crystals can also trigger an increase of joy, bliss, euphoria and happiness within your life.

It is a wonderful crystal to use in groups or in sacred ceremonies.

Strawberry quartz is fairly rare as it is found in only one location in Chihuahua Mexico. This stone used to be uncommon, but is now more readily available.

The meaning of its name relates to the color, which is thought to be a red color similar to strawberries, but varies according to the individual mineral make-up of the stone you obtain.