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Shungite Sphere Large

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Shungite is a mineraloid, meaning it's a natural occurring mineral like substance without a crystalline structure. This stone is considered unique for its high carbon composition ranging from 30 to 99% pure carbon. It also consists of nearly all the elements on the periodic table.

It's known for it's potent grounding properties.

The origin of shungite is a mystery. Typically, materials made of carbon come from decayed organic substances like old forests. But the stone is thought to be at least 2 billion years old. This is before organic life existed on the planet according to our "current history".

Shungite works and activates of all 7 main chakras. It’s used to detoxify the body and rid the mind of negativity while contributing as an aura cleanser. Shungite is a must-have for people with difficult and uncontrollable emotions. It allows for light to fill the body and negativity to be removed.

Due to Shungite’s large deposits, the world is able to see many forms of Shungite. Wearing any piece of jewelry or having any form of it on you will greatly increase your protective shield. Shungite’s deep rooting capability will house sacred energies that can be easily summoned for shielding of any kind. It also protects against EMF.


Shungite can also be used to make many elixirs. One very common Elixir would be soaking the stone in water for a brief period of time allowing it to purify. Drinking the purified water is beneficial to cell growth and assisting in the detoxification of the body. HOWEVER, not all Shungite can be properly used for consumption and it’s best to only purchase specific “drink-safe” Shungite minerals. Although with a 90 or even 98% rating pure carbon, one needs to also know the composition of the other small percentage.

Genuine from Russia, 90 mm diameter.