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White Eucalyptus Spray

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White Eucalyptus Room and Linen Spray is a luxurious blend of spearmint, eucalyptus,  juniper essential oils which combine to create a relaxing and refreshing scent.

This spray is perfect for use on your bedding, towels and linens, as well as in your car or home. It can also be used as a room spray to help freshen up the air and even mist yourself before walking out the door.


The ingredients in this product have been carefully selected to bring you a long lasting scent and that can also be use to sanitize.

Ingredients: Alcohol, polysorbate 80, fragrance, essential oils, Witch Hazel,  Glycerin. 



Customer Reviews

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Sharon Buyukcan
My favorite linen house spray.

This spray smells like christmas and summer all blended in.......